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Managed web design and hosting for osCommerce on line merchants

Design In Mind, Inc. develops and manages internet sites of retail and wholesale businesses With over 20 year of experience, we can help your business. Services include design services, managed hosting, single and multi-level osCommerce with MySQL based web sites, and inventory management/order fulfillment.

Design Services

Good website design includes many disciplines. Knowledge of web server application languages, stylesheets, browser capabilities, database languages, and, of course, basic HTML, are essential. In addition the comprehensive service should include content editing, translation, photographic services, database entry, and secure server setup.

Beware of one price fits all deals! If your task is simple, you will pay too much. If it has unexpected complication, you will find a less than cooperative consultant once your project exceeds the hours allotted for the flat fee. Like everything else in life, you will get what you pay for. Expect to get an upfront quotation that defines the expected cost and the work included in that cost. Anything you will need that is not mentioned should be discussed. Ask: How much more will it cost? Do I really need it?

Managed Hosting

You need to run your business. You don't have time to learn everything there is to know about designing, installing, and maintaining a website. There are an incredible number of low, low cost hosting deals out there, but don't be fooled. These offer only a place to put your website. Even though they adverise ecommerce solutions like osCommerce and others, you get only a basic, default installation. Everything needed to make it look, feel, and operate as your web site is still up to you. Managed Hosting removes the headaches. As your hosting service, we set up and maintain the technical side your website. You maintain the page content and parts data. After the initial installation and setup, basic maintenance is covered by the quarterly hosting fees. Adding new features and/or remodeling are billed by the hour.


osCommerce is the leading open source, community developed ecommerce solution for the internet. Because it is an open source product, you do not start out with a $500.00 charge just to get the basic software. In fact there is no charge for the software at all. Even our own custom additions are free to use as needed on our hosted websites. In addition to basic osCommerce features, our solution supports multiple price levels (ie. consumer, retailer, distributor), wishlists, checkout with account and/or guest checkout, wishlists, and multiple shipping and payment options. In addition, our customized administrative side can support multiple web sites managed from one database.

MySQL Database

Another open source product widely recognized as the best on the internet and included at no charge. If need be we can add customized fields and tables to the basic database to support things like product applications. Readily available tools allow direct access to the database for bulk maintenance and reporting.

Warehouse Services

Our warehouse is fully integrated to osCommerce websites. This includes electronic transfer of shipping information, electronic updating of shipped orders including tracking information, and inventory updates for incoming goods. We can receive, store, pack, and ship goods to fulfill your orders.

We use the services we sell! Call 888-832-6505 for more information.

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