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Ashbys of London Teas
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Ashbys of London Teas

Ashbys of London tea bags are individually wrapped in foil to prevent air and light exposure, the main causes of deterioration. Ashbys tea is available in 20 count boxes and 200 count cases. Please note: Ashbys has changed to solid color packaging. The teapot envelopes shown are no longer available.

Ashbys Tea List:
Afternoon Tea *
A delicate Ceylon tea great for afternoon tea time.
Apricot Tea* *
Delicious apricot flavored black tea.
Apricot Decaf Tea *
Decaffeinated version of above.
Christmas Spice
Black tea blended with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and orange.
Cinnamon Orange Herbal **
Cinnamon bark flavored with natural spiced citrus flavors.
Cinnamon Plum Tea **
Cinnamon and plum flavor added to a fine black tea.
Earl Grey Tea **
A fine oriental tea flavored with oil of bergamot.
English Breakfast Tea **
A blend of Indian, Kenyan, and Ceylon black teas.
English Brkfst Decaf Tea *
Decaffeinated version of above.
Ginger Peach Tea *
Mild ginger and peach flavors added to a fine black tea.
Japanese Green Tea **
A light, pan-fired green tea.
Lemon Ginger Herbal **
Lemon grass, ginger root, citrus, chicory root, and natural flavors.
Raspberry Tea *
A black tea flavored with tangy red raspberries.
White Pomegranate Tea *
White tea with hibiscus flower, apple, berries, and natural citrus flavor.
Variety Pak
includes * flavors above.

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Ashbys Tea 20 ct

Cello boxes of 20 teabags, individually wrapped in foil to prevent air and light exposure, the main causes of deterioration.

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Ashbys Tea 20 ct - Afternoon Tea

Ashbys Tea 200 ct

Ashbys teas are also available in cases of 200 individually wrapped teabags. Ginger Peach shown in photo.

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Ashbys Tea 200 ct - Afternoon Tea
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Porcelain Tea Bag Dispenser

This porcelain tea bag dispenser is an elegant way to hold your favorite tea. Holds 20-25 standard size tea bags. A nice alternative to a tea chest. Tea bags sold separately.

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Porcelain Tea Bag Dispenser -
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